TapTix machines are an electronic way to have fun with a chance to win cash prizes!

These fun and easy to play machines are found in Boardwalk Gaming Centres in Val Caron and Sudbury. You can enjoy a drink in our licensed private gaming lounge while you play the TapTix Machines and enjoy a great meal from our Boardwalk Café.

TapTix Machines

How Do I Play TapTix ?

1. Select a TapTix machine, insert cash or a valid voucher
2. Press the [Play/Buy] button.
3. The results of the ticket will be displayed on the TapTix screen.
4. If you win, your cash prize is automatically added to your balance.
5. To cash out, simple press the [Cash Out/ Collect] button and a voucher will be dispensed which can be redeemed at the cashier.

Tap into the excitement today! TapTix games are only available at Boardwalk Gaming Val Caron and Sudbury locations.

These games do not involve skill and you cannot influence the outcome. The odds of winning a prize vary by game, from 1 in 1.91 to 1 in 3.15. Odds may be subject to change and may vary by site. Malfunctions void all plays and pays. Prizes for this game are randomly distributed within a complete deal of tickets. Decks are loaded into one or more TapTix Machines or held in inventory until one or more TapTix Machines needs a ticket reload. Must be 18 years of age or older. Government Issued Identification maybe required.

TapTix Progressive in Val Caron Just Got Bigger – Yes! It’s Doubled

TapTix Machines

Some select TapTix machines are a progressive jackpot where the accumulative prize amount grows bigger each day!

A winner at the Val Caron location won $1,200. The progressive possibilities are endless, depending on the amount of players and money spent. Huge jackpots are available. This is a twist on the traditional TapTix, which is already fun but with an exciting, larger jackpot included.

A new feature on the TapTix machines is the multi-denom. Someone looking to increase/decrease their bet amount can use this exciting feature. Normally, a game would be $0.50 to play, but now, on select machines, you can bet $0.50, $1,00 or $1.50. More bet levels, more choices, more excitement! (on select machines.) Today’s TapTix Progressive Jackpot Price. Click here>
Games subject to change and may vary by site. Information on individual TapTix and Progressive TapTix odds and prize structures are available at the Point of Sale counter. Malfunctions void all pays and plays. Must be 18 years or older to play. Government-issued identification may be required.