TapTix Machines: Electronic Fun!


Some select TapTix machines are a progressive jackpot where the accumulative prize amount grows bigger each day!

A winner at the Val Caron location won $1,200. The progressive possibilities are endless, depending on the amount of players and money spent. Huge jackpots are available. This is a twist on the traditional TapTix, which is already fun but with an exciting, larger jackpot included.

A new feature on the TapTix machines is the multi-denom. Someone looking to increase/decrease their bet amount can use this exciting feature. Normally, a game would be $0.50 to play, but now, on select machines, you can bet $0.50, $1,00 or $1.50. More bet levels, more choices, more excitement! (on select machines.) Today’s TapTix Progressive Jackpot Price.  Click here>



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